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Meet our Ecoed team

We are proud to share the members of our team, as well as our partners and collaborators across the world!

Maria Soledad Riestra
Ecoed Founder


Bachelor (Hons) Labour Relations (Arg), MSc (Hons) Sustainability and Responsibility (UK), PhD (In progress) Organisational Change (UK) 

As an organisational development professional, I have focused most of my practice and studies around individual and societal change for the past 13 years.

As a eco-systems thinker I believe we depend on each other and other living and non-living beings to not only survive but thrive, and whatever we do (no matter how big or small we might think it is) leaves a mark, has an impact and can make a difference.

My work sits right at that edge, between the massive environmental issues of our times, and our individual and collective capacity to affect the course which we are heading towards, starting with changing that which is within our arms’ reach as individuals, families, teams and communities.

I am passionate about the beauty of our planet, and the beauty of life as such, which I seek to honour through my work, and my role as a human being and a mum in these times of huge global challenges and opportunities. 

Besides running Ecoed, I have my own consultancy business where I run change management and Diversity and Inclusion programmes for companies internationally, and I do volunteering work fostering cats and dogs for local charities in Hong Kong.



Zoe Olsberg
Project Manager (UK)


I am the Director of a London based social impact consultancy, and passionate about Sustainability and Systemic Change. I have over 20 years of Project Management and Marketing experienceacross a wide variety of sectors including; FMCG’s, Finance, Education, Charity, NFP, Social Enterprise, Technology and Alternative Finance. Amongst some of my recent projects I have managed STEPtoday, which involved running a pilot and supporting the UK and US virtual teams to successfully launch a physical literacy programme, within schools, for the bottom 20% of children who find school challenging and as the Communications Manager for Roger Steare, The Corporate Philosopher on his ethicability/Moral DNA projects.

I met Sole whilst collaborating on a Community Engagement project for the The Finance Innovation Lab, a WWF initiative to make the financial systems fairer for all.

As well as running my own consultancy I am mum to Sam who is nearly two and I volunteer, along with my therapy dog Harry, within local schools and hospitals spending time with children who have special needs. 

Carolina Karlstrom
Associate (UK)

MSc Engineering (Swe), MSc Sustainability and Responsibility (UK)

My background is in the renewable energy and sustainability sector where I have worked for more than 20 years. My experiences stretch across a wide range of exciting roles and responsibilities; including project management of wind and solar farms, business development, programme management of strategic and global projects, and sustainability management and engagement.

My dream is a world where my children and future generations, will live and thrive on our beautiful planet, in peace and equality, not using more resources than our planet can provide, allowing for a world where both humans and the more-than-human world will flourish.

Outside of Ecoed I run my own sustainability advisory company, Jade Advisory, creating space for change. I organise the Sustainable Development Goals Network MeetUp, write blogs for edie.net and I was part of the team organising the first She is Still Sustainable event in March 2018, for mid-career women working in sustainability.
I live outside London with my two children and my partner. I love walking and whenever I have the chance I drag them all out on a hike in the Chiltern Hills.

Katherine Lopez Cooper 
Business Advisor and Apparel Industry Expert (HK)


I am a Designer and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the Apparel Industry. My professional experience has been built across the USA, Hong Kong, Colombia, Bangladesh and South Korea. I have worked for large corporations in the US and several Trading/Garment manufacturers in Asia, which have allowed me to develop an expansive understanding of the industry and broad product knowledge within multiple markets.

My corporate experience combined with my entrepreneurial spirit, and my devotion to contribute to our children’s future, have been the springboard for my recent focus on sustainability.

I am convinced new and improved sustainable business practices are needed in the industry. With an open-minded and educated approach, product innovation and commercially sound initiatives, we can heightened the awareness required to lead the significant step-change needed across many industries and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Ojo Solutions
Our app development partner


ojo solutions are a UK based technology business who work across a wide range of sectors and have been developing web based and native applications for over 15 years. We have a keen interest in creating solutions with a positive social impact and also work a lot in education. 




V Cycle
Design for Social Changes - Hong Kong



V Cycle is a social enterprise created from the desire and passion for implementing a mindful change in our society to reduce, reuse and recycle single-use plastics. We promote educational eco-awareness through our innovation in design to create a circular economy with our contemporary products to lessen the impact we have as a whole on the environment. 



Green Schools Project
Design for Social Changes - Hong Kong