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Schools and Education

Education is one of our key interests and passions. Whether you are a teacher, student or parent, if you want to enhance the eco awareness and practical action of your educational space, we would love to support you. Some examples of what you can do with us:

Get the Ecoed App

Download our Ecoed app and play your way through a more sustainable way of living alone, with family and/or friends, as well as other players from around the world!


Run an internal Ecoed school contest and campaign

Different years and/or classrooms can play with each other, enjoying all the features of the Ecoed game app within a closed group setting.

We conduct seminars and workshops accommodated to different levels and ages aimed at strengthening eco-awareness and helping the students take concrete, real life action. We also connect schools and students with key stakeholders and organisations, expanding the range of possibilities and learning. 

We can also produce data analytics and reports on strengths and gaps of knowledge and action of the school, per year, etc.


Let's 'Ecoed' your school

We can engage with your school teachers and personnel to identify and address ways of reducing the schools’ environmental footprint.

We revisit all aspects of the schools' functioning and help you 'walk the talk' by embedding eco-awareness and action in everything you do.


Make your school events 'Ecoed'

From small local gatherings to large annual fairs, we can help you reduce the environmental footprint of any event you run & help you find the right eco-friendly supplies.