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Research and Case Studies

We strongly believe that in order to bring about change, we need to connect innovative solutions and eco-pioneers with people and organisations. Our ongoing research and development of case studies helps giving voice and promoting such connections.

Ecoed's 'Big Data'

By looking at Ecoed’s data we can better understand the strengths and gaps of knowledge within different populations (cities, age groups, etc), which allows us to recommend and promote targeted interventions and solutions to specific educational and communication needs in the field of environmental education and communication.  

Creation of case studies for educational and communication purposes

Through the development of case studies, we are able to present opportunities for organisations and students to get involved and work with real life examples, exploring potential solutions and bringing about concrete, actual change back into the world.

We are constantly seeking to engage with different issues, industries and sectors, learn what their challenges are in terms of environmental footprint, and involve ourselves and other people to bring about innovative solutions.


Ongoing research

We are constantly on top of the latest eco trends, and building relationships with local and global ‘ecopreneurs’ from different sectors.

We make sure our Ecoed game app’s content is constantly updated by performing regular reviews and adding new questions and actions.