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Get your #ecoedattitude rolling and, why not, win a local eco-prize as well!

The Ecoed challenge is a 5 days online game contest that will test your awareness, knowledge and action in relation to our environmental footprint and will help you find day-to-day ways to make a difference. Plus, you get to have some fun engaging with our online app, and contribute to the first ever practical data-based research on human behavioural change in sustainability. Oh, and the top 3 participants will win an eco-prize!

Duringthe next 5 days, you will be able to play with other fellow event participants, earning points and coins that will help you climb up the ranks. At the end of the challenge, the top 3 players will win an Original Vegetable Box voucher (£10,50) from The Cambridge Organic Food Company

Please provide the below details to join the 5 days Ecoed challenge