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The Ecoed Alliance School’s programme was launched in the first Islington school this at the beginning of January - Montem Primary School – with great success and engagement from students. But we need your help to take this to more schools!

The Ecoed Alliance School’s programme was launched in the first Islington school this week - Montem Primary School – with great success and engagement from students.

This programme is the first of its kind in that it combines technology, education and gamification to make it fun and inspiring for the younger audiences to engage with developing a more sustainable society. Throughout the programme, students learn about personal and collective environmental footprint with our online Ecoed game app, and the actions they can take at home and school to minimise it. The programme is also a powerful tool to better understand strengths and gaps in knowledge and action in regards to environmental footprint, and to provide students and schools with more practical, targeted content to address their specific learning needs and measure progress in time.

“I decided to partner with Ecoed via Montem school, in order to challenge the children and to give them another opportunity to access environmental education during their computing lesson. I am looking forward to seeing the results of the challenge and seeing where we can fill any knowledge gaps and compliment the ongoing outdoor environmental education project. I hope to be introducing it into other local schools shortly.” Sophia Ioannou, Environmental Tutor, Plant Environment.

There are many more local schools ready to take up this programme and enhance students’ environmental education. For those who may wish to contribute to this project, there is a call for any local organisations that would like to sponsor a school that wishes to go through this programme – please contact us at zoe@ecoedlife.com. For private funders, you can contact us via email as well or contribute through a local Spacehive crowdfunding campaign.

This programme and its organisers are part of a group of environmental educators – the Ecoed Alliance - including Energy Garden, Simon Jordan of the plastic campaign #5thingsclear, Veolia, Flooglebinder and Green Schools Project – all of which will be introduced to participating schools for further engagement.  

About Ecoed Life

“Ecoed’s mission is to bring an 'Ecoed culture' alive: to open up the possibility for children, schools, families and organisations to engage in taking action to tackle some of the biggest challenges of our times, by changing that which is within arms' reach - our own daily choices and habits -, and to do so in a positive way. Our team is constantly creating innovative ways of approaching schools and organisations across sectors, empowering people of all generations to recreate a more sustainable way of life. Maria Soledad Riestra – Founder and Creator of Ecoed


If you would like more information, please call Zoe Olsberg at 07967 212680, email zoe@ecoedlife.comor visit www.ecoedlife.com

The Ecoed game app is available on your app store now! Download it: www.ecoedlife.com

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