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Business and organisations

Whether you are an individual, a member of a local community group, a business owner or employee, if you are interested in 'upping the eco-game' we will always find a way to help you. Here are some ideas upfront, in case you need some inspiration!

Get the Ecoed App

Download our Ecoed app and play your way through a more sustainable way of living alone, with family and/or friends, as well as other players from around the world!


Run an internal Ecoed challenge or campaign 

Your teams and members will enjoy all the features of the Ecoed game app within a closed group setting, sparking a bit of ‘healthy’ competition and joint learning!

We conduct seminars and workshops accommodated to your needs, aimed at strengthening eco-awareness and helping the audience take concrete, real life action.

We can also produce data analytics and reports on strengths and gaps of knowledge and action of any given group/s.


External campaigns with members and clients

As part of your CSR/Sustainability initiatives, engage with your institutional members or clients by running an online Ecoed contest exclusive to your community of choice. You can promote access to the Ecoed game app through your products and services, and provide online rewards for the players that make more points! 

Data analytics and reports on strengths and gaps of knowledge and action are also available.


Make your event 'Ecoed'

From small meetings to large conferences, we can help you reduce the environmental footprint of any event you run & help you find the right eco-friendly supplies.