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About Ecoed

Our mission is "to bring an Ecoed culture alive: to open up the possibility for individuals, families and organisations to engage in taking action to tackle some of the biggest challenges of our times, by changing that which is within arms' reach - our own daily choices and habits - and to do so in a positive way."

"Everyday choices we make, such as how often and how far we drive our cars, buying our food or turning up our thermostat one degree more when it's cold, when combined have a big impact on the environment on a global scale."

(WWF, 2013)


Ecoed is the dream of Argentinian sustainability and behavioural change professional Maria Soledad Riestra (Sole to her mates) as part of her ongoing work and PhD research in the field of environmental awareness and education.

'I passionately believe that we all want to live more sustainably; we just lack the understanding of how. Ecoed will inspire and enable children, adults and families to learn more about their personal environmental footprint, and the kind of daily actions each one of us can take to reduce our impact, which will collectively lead to a more sustainable future for people and planet', she states. 

We know how environmental issues can seem heavy hearted and hard to approach at an individual level. What excites us the most about this project is that Ecoed is here to be that bridge that connects individuals from all around the world, in a positive, constructive way, to respond to the ecological challenges of our times, by doing and acting on those things that are within our arms' reach - the daily little things which, collectively, can make a huge difference.

We believe that, although our individual actions may seem small to us, the collective ripple effect of all of us combined can be a game changer and make a systems shift possible. All of Ecoed's initiatives and offerings are guided by this principle. Click here to see what we do and offer.