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What is Ecoed?


Ecoed is the first environmental education and behavioural change initiative that is fun, interactive, and utilises practical methodologies - such as our Ecoed Game app as well as seminars, workshops, public and in-house campaigns, and other ad-hoc interventions - to bring about a more sustainable way of living. 

Our mission is to bring an 'Ecoed culture' alive: to open up the possibility for individuals, families and organisations to engage in taking action to tackle some of the biggest challenges of our times, by changing that which is within arms' reach - our own daily choices and habits -, and to do so in a positive way.

The starting point - Ecoed app

The Ecoed game is an online app that invites players to challenge each other on 4 areas of environmental footprint - energy, water, waste and health and wellbeing - through online quizzes that provide access to the knowledge and information to facilitate the understanding of the various daily ways in which we can have a significant environmental impact, and real life actions we can take to reduce it.

Ecoed app will be soon available to download through Apple and Android Stores (English only for now - send us a message if you are keen to see the app available in other languages!)

More than just a game


The Ecoed game app is a fun, interactive tool that combines education and gamification with practical action in real life, to help us raise awareness of our individual environmental footprint and the things we can do on a daily basis to reduce it. But it's not all there is to Ecoed. 

As an organisation, with Ecoed we aim at becoming:

  • A ‘one-stop shop’ for eco knowledge, products and services for the general public 
  • An integral eco-advisor and source of environmental education solutions for businesses, schools and other institutions 
  • A connector, bringing the different sectors in society together to work on joint actions and macro solutions (cross sector partnerships, inspiring policy making, etc.) 
  • A unique source of data on public’s general knowledge of sustainable living, to take more targeted actions locally
  • A hub of innovative ideas to bring novel, practical solutions to concrete environmental issues

To achieve the above, we offer a variety of options and services, always following the same exciting, engaging tone that the spirit of Ecoed holds for us. Click here to see more details

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